Corrosion Problems

Here is a table to look-up the best product to treat your rust and corrosion problems.


Corrosion Problems Table

This table describes typical rust and corrosion issues and what products you use to address these problems. You can type your problem in the search box to display the solutions or just browse the table below.
ProblemExample / Reason / Treatment SuggestionRecommended Products
I have some surface rust on my car, trailer, boat or any other metallic surface such as tools and equipment.Exposure to the elements, scratches in the paint allowing moisture penetration, poor undercoating / primer or surface preparation prior to painting, unpainted surfaces.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV will penetrate the metal and bind the rust to prevent further corrosion. Xtroll Silver is great for trailers, especially boat trailers that are immersed in water.
I have bubbles underneath the painted surface on my car, especially around the wheel arches.Use a wire brush to remove loose fragments then paint generously with Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV to deeply penetrate the metal and bind the rust, preventing further corrosion. Apply Xtroll GP Primer before spray-painting.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV and Xtroll GP Primer
I live near the ocean and have corrosion in my house, on exterior door handles and on my car.Exposure to sea air means that salty water can accelerate corrosion in exposed metal areas. You need a product that penetrates deep into the metal and seams that will bind any existing corrosion and prevent further corrosive action.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV or Xtroll Silver.
My metal tools are weather worn and a bit rusty. How can I bring them back to looking newer?Easy to apply and quick drying, Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV will give your metal tools an improved look as well as protecting them from further effects of the elements.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV
My vehicle has been sitting outside in the sun for a long time. The seats and dash are faded and I am worried they will crack.Although Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV is used to prevent rust, it also primes, seals and penetrates a wide range of other material surfaces and provides excellent UV protection. It has a clear finish and will help prevent further UV damage and even bring some life back to old looking seats, dashboards and so on.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV
The hoses on my farm equipment have been exposed to the sun. How can I protect them from further degradation to prolong their useful life?Although Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV penetrates a wide range of other material surfaces and provides excellent UV protection, making it ideal for use on hose equipment, tractor seats and other materials exposed to the harsh elements.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV
My car club recommended rust treatment with Xtroll. How much should I use?Please refer to the product page for Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV for details about how much to use under the tab called “Dosage and Instructions”. It all depends on what you are using it for. External rubber, door seals, wing mirror backs, vinyl roofs or other trim usually only requires a single coat to restore the look and offer UV protection. Using it to treat and prevent rust in the body, tow bar etc may require a few coats.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV
The door seals on my car are old and not providing a good seal. What can I do instead of buying new ones?Although Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV is used to prevent rust, it also primes, seals and penetrates a wide range of other material surfaces and provides excellent UV protection, making it ideal for use on door seals, vinyl seats, wing mirror backs, mudflaps and so on.Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV
I want to protect the underside chassis of my off road vehicle.Xtroll Impact Black is a fast drying heavy duty enamel coating. It is hard wearing and offers excellent corrosion protection properties, being ideal for an underside vehicle chassis.Xtroll Impact Black, especially if used over Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV will provide a hard wearing protective coating.
I want to prevent corrosion on new metal surfaces.Xtroll produce a universal (general purpose) primer called Xtroll GP Primer that is suitable for new metal surfaces before painting with a top coat (preferably Xtroll Silver or Xtroll Impact Black). GP Primer is anti-corrosive in its own right and is also ideal for use over Xtroll Rust Conqueror UV.Xtroll GP Primer
My metal roof is old and showing signs of corrosion. Are there any products that can save me the cost of a replacement roof?Corrugated “tin” roofs or other roofs will show corrosion over time. The galvanised coating wears off, leaving the metal exposed to the elements. Repair any holes then paint with two coats of Xtroll Silver to prevent further corrosion and to provide excellent heat repellent properties. This has been used to avoid the expensive replacement costs of a new roof and should last for many years.Xtroll Silver