Cleanpower Fuel Treatment

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Rough idle? Hard starting? Poor acceleration? Diesel smoke? Poor fuel economy?
Fix the root cause with Cleanpower! It quickly and safely dissolves and disperses fuel system deposits to restore a sweet idle and crisp, instant acceleration.

Don’t replace injectors! Try Cleanpower first as most injectors just need a thorough clean!! Ongoing use prevents the re-occurrence. Suitable for both PETROL and DIESEL engines:

  • Cleans fuel injectors.
  • Optimizes fuel efficiency and power.
  • Reduces diesel smoke.
  • Easy starting hot and cold- smooth operation from idle to full RPMs.
  • 250ml treats up to 2,000 litres of fuel.

Cleanpower Fuel Treatment is our remarkably effective fuel system and injector cleaner. Stored fuel lasts longer if treated with Cleanpower, due to its anti-oxidant capability. Don’t replace injectors! Try Cleanpower first…most injectors just need a thorough clean!

Use Cleanpower Fuel Treatment if you have any of these problems:

  • Smoke
  • Power Loss
  • Hard Starting
  • Rough Idle
  • Poor fuel economy

Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, it quickly removes the most stubborn fouling deposits.

  • Cleans fuel injectors, fuel pumps & carburettors.
  • Optimizes fuel efficiency & power.
  • Reduces diesel smoke.
  • Easy starting hot & cold.
  • Smooth operation from idle to full RPM’s.
  • 250ml Treats up to 2,000 litres of Fuel.

SAVINGS HISTORY: Avoiding pump & injector costs from $400 to $5000.

Detergent based (rather than solvent), it is supplied in our upper cylinder oil base. It quickly removes fouling deposits, even stubborn ones that most “off the shelf” products won’t touch, which is why we think it is the best fuel injector product on the market!

It is particularly useful in combination with the Flushing Oil Concentrate.

But here’s the interesting bit, our fuel injector cleaner product ‘Cleanpower’ can be used to restore power, fuel efficiency and driving pleasure in all engines.

It is a petrol injector cleaner for all fuel injected, carburettor, 4 stroke or 2 stroke engines. The same product is also a diesel injector cleaner for all 2 stroke and 4 stroke diesel engines.

Now here’s a puzzle… How come so many people have their diesel pumps and injectors overhauled, and still have a smoke problem? Use Cleanpower to fix the problem.



Download the Material Safety Data Sheet – Cleanpower Fuel Treatment MSDS

Dosage and Instructions

How to Use:

Treatment Ratio:

  • Initially use 1:4,000 (1 litre initially treats up to 4,000 litres of petrol or diesel).
  • Thereafter for ongoing maintenance, use a 1:8,000 ratio. (1 litre treats up to 8,000 litres of petrol or diesel).

Multi-Product Dosage Chart


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