Marine Diesel Stabilizer

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Marine Diesel Stabilizer is the perfect marine treatment for recovering aged diesel and prevent new diesel from degrading.

Marine fuel stabilizer “kills” diesel bug outright and prevents re-contamination.

  • Prevents fuel oxidation and fouling deposits.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Lubricates and cleans injectors.
  • Removes carbon / glazing and reduces exhaust smoke.
  • Concentrated detergents to disperse deposits.
  • Perfect for long-term fuel storage.
  • Burns aged diesel cleanly.

Marine Diesel Stabilizer is specifically designed and tested for marine applications.

It has an economical and concentrated treatment dosage rate. Marine Diesel Stabilizer keeps stored fuel fresh and prevents diesel from breaking down.

Trying to avoid expensive repair / tank cleaning costs should be at the forefront of every boat owners mind. As most boat owners know, water and diesel don’t mix and can be an expensive recipe for disaster.

Marine Diesel Stabilizer is a highly concentrated formula,  specifically designed not only to prevent diesel fuel growths from forming but it will actively kill any biological growths that have formed in existing tanks.



Download the Material Safety Data Sheet – Marine Diesel Stabilizer MSDS

Dosage and Instructions

How to Use Marine Diesel Stabilizer:

Standard Dosage :

  • 1 litre of Marine Diesel Stabilizer treats 1,200 litres of diesel.
  • A 1:1,200 dosage ratio.

Double Dose :

  • 1 litre of Marine Diesel Stabilizer treats 600 litres of diesel.
  • For badly contaminated tanks and for “long-term” storage to prevent diesel oxidation.
  • A 1:600 dosage ratio.


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