Beta Marine Diesel Engines

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Please contact us for pricing enquiries and for any other information. See the table below for the attributes and features of each engine variant. There are images below for each engine.

Beta Marine’s engine range is built in the Gloucestershire (England) factory and is based on the most advanced water cooled diesels.

The range features high quality, heat exchanger or keel cooled engines which are powerful yet compact and low in weight. They have smooth running characteristics throughout the speed range. Exhaust emissions are also very low and meet all current and anticipated environmental requirements. Because of the light engine weight and compactness, installation is much easier than with heavier/larger counterparts.

Beta has built a reputation for quality and customer support and the range is designed with this philosophy in mind. Even the smallest engine is heat-exchanger cooled for yacht and work boat applications. This avoids passing sea water through the engine block and gives much longer engine life.

All small and mid-range engines are also available in keel-cooled form to suit waterways where continuous slow speed running is required.

All engines can be supplied with a very comprehensive range of options and accessories.

All Beta engines come with a worldwide warranty.

Engine Information, documentation, brochures and drawings can be found on


Beta Marine Diesel Engines List

This table shows the attributes for each of the Beta Marine Diesel Engines. Please call for further information or click the link to the Beta Marine (UK) site for more technical details.
Engine ModelPower (bhp)AspirationCylindersDisplacementWeight incl. gearboxLink to technical information
Beta 1413.5 bhp @ 3,600 rpmnatural2479 cc90 kgBeta 14 specifications and drawings
Beta 1616 bhp @ 3,600 rpmnatural2599 cc95 kgBeta 16 specifications and drawings
Beta 2020 bhp @ 3,600 rpmnatural3719 cc104 kgBeta 20 specifications and drawings
Beta 2525 bhp @ 3,600 rpmnatural3898 cc113 kgBeta 25 specifications and drawings
Beta 3030 bhp @ 3,600 rpmnatural31123 cc139 kgBeta 30 specifications and drawings
Beta 3535 bhp @ 2,900 rpmnatural41498 cc168 kgBeta 35 specifications and drawings
Beta 4343 bhp @ 2,800 rpmnatural41999 cc253 kgBeta 43 specifications and drawings
Beta 5050 bhp @ 2,800 rpmnatural42197 cc260 kgBeta 50 specifications and drawings
Beta 6056 bhp @ 2,700 rpmnatural42434 cc287 kgBeta 60 specifications and drawings
Beta 7575 bhp @ 2,600 rpmnatural43620 cc414 kgBeta 75 specifications and drawings
Beta 9090 bhp @ 2,600 rpmnatural43769 cc425 kgBeta 90 specifications and drawings
Beta 10598 bhp @ 2,600 rpmturbocharged43769 cc425 kgBeta 105 specifications and drawings


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