Flushing Oil Concentrate

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Designed to restore pristine cleanliness to the dirtiest of engines (diesel and petrol), Flushing Oil Concentrate has saved many thousands of diesels from expensive rebuilds.

  • Removes engine sludge & hard carbon
  • Frees stuck piston rings
  • Reduces smoke, blowby & oil use
  • Restores compression
  • Prevents diesel oil going black straight after a change
  • Suitable for all engines, transmissions & diffs

Flushing Oil Concentrate (FOC) will restore even the dirtiest petrol or diesel engines to pristine cleanliness, and it’s directly helped thousands of people avoid costly rebuilds.

Many engines that are well within serviceable amounts of wear, run as if they’re worn out! That’s because a perfectly good engine will suffer with poor performance, if the engine is dirty or contains harmful deposits. Flushing Oil Concentrate removes the grime and sludge from your engine, leaving it spotless and allowing it to run without all that damaging dirt. This results in significant performance improvements!

It Removes Black Sludge and more:

Flushing Oil Concentrate is THE real-life FIX for sludgy engines, and perking up performance in mid life & older engines. It restores FULL cleanliness to all lubricated parts of engines, transmissions & hydraulics.

Here are just some of the engine problems that Flushing Oil Concentrate has fixed:

  • Dirty Black Oil
  • Stuck piston rings
  • Engine Sludge
  • Engine compression loss
  • Power Loss
  • Oil use
  • Diesel Smoke
  • Rough Idle
  • Overheating
  • Engine start problems
  • Engine Blow-by

It leaves all lubricated parts of engines, transmissions and hydraulics in spotless condition.

  • Removes sludge & hard carbon.
  • Frees sticking piston rings.
  • Cuts smoke & Blowby.
  • Restores power & economy.
Economical to Use:

Our concentrated oil flush has helped our customers save thousands on engine rebuilds.

It’s cheap to use too! Just 250mL of engine oil flush keeps a Landcruiser or Patrol clean for 10 oil changes. Or it will clean up 2 dirty ones.



Download the Material Safety Data Sheet – Flushing-Oil-Concentrate MSDS

Dosage and Instructions

How to Use:

If you change your own oil you can do it, because that’s basically all there is to it. The first time you use a flushing oil concentrate, it just requires 30 minutes of fast idle on clean oil with FOC to restore pristine cleanliness to the entire crankcase. Once you’ve restored cleanliness, you just put a very small amount in the old oil before each oil change. At around $5 per change for a Hilux, it’s so very cheap to use! Do this every time you change the oil, and your engine will never again become gunked up.

Step 1. Drain the old oil out hot. That way you remove as much contaminant as possible first up & you get the best possible clean up result.

Step 2. Add fresh oil to the engine. You can use a cheap oil for this part of the job. Run the engine to warm up the oil, and then add the Flushing Oil Concentrate (125mL for 10L oil capacity).

The Hilux takes 6 L oil, so add about 75mL Flush. When doing a diesel engine, Landcruisers and Patrol 4.2L diesels need 125mL for a 10L sump.

Series 60 Detroits need 500ml for 40L sump.

Step 3. Run the engine at a fast idle parked up for 30 minutes. For most 4x4s, this means 1500-2000rpm. For Larger truck type motors (eg Series 60 Detroits, Cats, Macks, Cummins, etc), run at about 1200 RPM.

Step 4.  Drop the oil again, and watch all the build up muck go out with the flush.

Step 5. Add a good quality engine oil and new filter, and it will now easily last for the whole recommended oil service period.

This is also the perfect time to add the AW10 Antiwear to the oil for added protection, and quieter running. The engine will rev more freely and run smoothly and quietly.

Step 6. As a final check, make sure there are no leaks, take it for a quick run and recheck the oil level.

For the next oil change: Just put a small amount of FOC in the existing oil 30 minutes before you drop it out. For the Hilux, that’s a mere 15mL an oil change. Our Engine Flush additive is so cheap and yet so effective!


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